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Eating is a balance of moderation and variation. Not deprivation.

I’m a nutritionist who wants to help you overcome the biggest hurdles to healthy eating. I want to simplify the obstacles by sharing wellness and nutrition tips, recipes, as well as some educational videos that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Reflecting upon my own food journey, I realized the need for basic food education. We’re not taught one of the most important things in life, what and how to eat. You just need to start, be open to change and keep going, because it’s worth it! Once you learn the basics and start creating healthy habits, you’ll notice the health benefits and wish you had done it sooner. It’s never too late.


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8 Steps to a Healthy You.

A comprehensive and profound program that nurtures the body while making peace with food. It’s a plan for a healthier lifestyle, not a quick diet, cleanse, or guide to counting calories.

This program was designed to help people transition towards a healthier life with simple, effective, and lasting steps that you can incorporate into your daily life. Cut the CRAP (Chemicals, Refined Sugars, Additives, Preservatives) and find out how incredible you can feel!

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8 Steps to a Healthy YOU!

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Get Ready To Meet Your New Best Friend…….meal Prep!

Get ready to meet your new best friend…….meal prep!

One of the most important benefits of meal prepping is that it can help reduce the stress that comes with trying to eat healthier. Making your food decisions in advance will free up some of your willpower and mental stress. As you get into the swing of consistently eating healthy, you will gradually stop craving sugar and other fattening foods.
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Chew Your Food!

I'm ending this healthy video series on a high note with me on the toilet discussing poop and the benefits of chewing your food! We are more than just a long pipe with 2 holes. Your body does amazing things with the food that you eat. It takes whole foods, turns it into energy and nutrients which allows the body to function, grow and repair. Digestion is how the body processes food and eliminates food waste. Metabolism is how the cells utilize the energy that’s absorbed from food during digestion. Did you know that digestion begins in the brain? When you think, see, smell, or taste food, salivary glands kick in and your stomach gets the signal to prepare for food. We have 3 salivary glands in the mouth with enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions. These enzymes chemically breakdown food in your mouth, before you even swallow it. How cool is that?! That initial breakdown of food in the mouth is a crucial step, which is why it’s so important to adequately chew your food. The importance of chewing for digestion is often overlooked. Healthy digestion and nutrient absorption start with chewing. The things you eat are turned into the building blocks for literally every cell in your body. Eat well and your body will not only function properly but flourish. Chewing your food 20 to 30 times per bite gives enzymes enough time to start the breakdown on a chemical level. Chewing is necessary to expose food to as much surface area as possible so that enzymes can begin digestion. If food is not chewed thoroughly, it puts a stress on the digestive system. So listen to your mother and chew your food. Enough about saliva, digestion and chewing. Grab that bag of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the video! If you learned something, please share.
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Toasted Muesli With Coconut, Dark Chocolate And Macadamia Nuts

Toasted Muesli with Coconut, Dark Chocolate and Macadamia Nuts

Since it's so versatile and easy to transport, Muesli makes the best treat to have at work, take it with you on the road or just enjoy it as a meal with a variety of toppings. Put it in a mason jar, screw on the lid, and take it with you! Oats are very satisfying and this snack can keep you full for hours. The end result is a lightly sweetened, slightly crunchy muesli. Try it with cold oat milk, or heat it up together with the milk to create a hot cereal. The add ons are endless from coconut yogurt to dried fruit, fresh fruit or seeds. I love the texture, flavors, flexibility and creativity in this delicious muesli!
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