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Eating is a balance of moderation and variation. Not deprivation.

I’m a nutritionist and a Whole Food Nut who wants to help you overcome the daily hurdles of eating healthy. People are overwhelmed by conflicting and rapidly changing nutritional news. I want to simplify the obstacles for you by sharing wellness and nutrition tips, recipes, with some entertaining and educational videos that you can incorporate into your daily life. We’ll explore healthy cooking, preparing meals with whole foods, supplementing with nutrient dense foods, grocery shopping, food labels, mindful eating, gardening and so much more.

With so many foods to discover, eat and enjoy, why do humans keep eating the same thing over and over? And what the heck is a whole food? Reflecting upon my own food journey, I realized the need for basic food education. We are not taught in school one of the most important things  in life, what and how to eat. Once you learn the basics, practice and get comfortable in the kitchen, you won’t need to rely as much on following recipes by the book. You just need to start, experiment and keep going, because it’s worth it! When you start to notice the health benefits, you’ll wish you did it sooner. If you have the desire to change, it’s never too late.

Jenn collage

I’m………a wacky whole food nut, nutritionist and part-time comedian.
I help…….humans overcome the hurdles (and excuses) to healthy eating.
Why…….because humans have challenges that prevent them from getting healthy.
I know…… amazing you will feel by removing crap and eating whole foods!
Eating is………a balance of moderation & variation. Not deprivation.
Favorite drink…………tea (and champagne).
I like……….to ride my bicycle.
I’m very…………compassionate about shelter animals, rescuing and adopting.
Favorite food……French fries (Yep, that’s right!)
Craziest moment………sat on a rope, 500 feet up, off a trimaran, and my swimsuit fell off.
I prefer to…….…SUP.
I love……….to dance.
I would bring……….the party (and of course some healthy dip)!

Get Ready To Meet Your New Best Friend…….meal Prep!

Get ready to meet your new best friend…….meal prep!

One of the most important benefits of meal prepping is that it can help reduce the stress that comes with trying to eat healthier. Making your food decisions in advance will free up some of your willpower and mental stress. As you get into the swing of consistently eating healthy, you will gradually stop craving sugar and other fattening foods.
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Mindful Eating

There are numerous benefits to mindful eating including better digestion and nutrient absorption. Slowing down during meals and really focusing on 'how and why' you’re eating reduces overeating and binge eating, helps manage weight, cope with chronic eating problems and reduces anxiety about food and body image. Trust me when I say it’s worth making the effort to learn, practice and embrace it.
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Roasted Rosemary And Balsamic Beets

Roasted Rosemary and Balsamic Beets

These oven-roasted beets are tossed in a tart, maple syrup and balsamic reduction combo which intensifies their natural sweetness. The garlic and rosemary add an incredible pop of flavor that could seriously make a beet lover out of anyone!
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