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Where Do I Begin? What Do I Eat? How Do I Prepare This? Do People Really Eat That?

Where do I begin? What do I eat? How do I prepare this? Do people really eat that?

It seems so overwhelming in the beginning.  What do I buy? How do I prepare it? What is this supposed to taste like?  Do people really eat that?  Gross, I can’t eat this stuff!

I get it.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s not an overnight mission.  This is a journey and food adventure, so don’t take it or yourself too seriously.  After all, it’s just food!  When you approach it with a healthy sense of humor, smidge of sarcasm and good attitude, you can do this!  It’s never too late to learn and definitely not too late to get healthy.  So relax, chill out and embrace this whole food path as we take it step by step together.

You may have had a cooking class but you’re not usually taught about nutrition in grade school.  Maybe if we learned about the importance of whole foods, how to grow and prepare them, and the benefits they provide to our bodies, this wouldn’t be so foreign and frustrating to most of us.

Having been on this health journey for over a decade, I’ve tried a plethora of new foods, destroyed many recipes, learned a lot about my taste buds and had some hilarious moments conducting science experiments in the kitchen.  In the beginning it’s all trial and error.  As the days went on, it became easier and grew more rewarding.  My health improved dramatically over the years and I’ve never felt better.   It’s really great to prepare your meals, not rely on processed foods and reap the benefits!

With this in mind, it’s not about deprivation or elimination of your favorite foods. Rather, it’s learning that there are so many ways to make what you enjoy now in a healthy and tasty version.  Just like kids, it takes an adult about 8-12 attempts of trying new foods before they like it.  Bottom line, getting in touch with your body and finding what works best for you is the goal.

I’m excited to help others that are truly interested in getting healthy and want to learn about how they can prepare simple meals from whole foods!  I want to share my experience and hopefully make yours a little less frustrating along the way.  I’ll be demonstrating this through videos, the blog and the WFN Facebook page.

Thanks for visiting the Whole Food Nut and see you soon!


Jenn Fieldhack is a Nutritionist and Whole Food Nut who wants to help others overcome the hurdles to eating healthy.

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