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Excuse #6 I’m too old to get healthy

Last but not least, my favorite excuse, you’re too old to get healthy. You are never too old to get healthy.

Even if you’re starting a diet or fitness regimen as an adult, it’s far better late than never. We can improve our health at any age.

Have you ever decided to make a healthy lifestyle change but give up, telling yourself that it’s too late to learn new habits? It’s time to take charge and not let your age stop you. Often the barrier that keeps people from eating healthy and exercising as much as they should is mental.

They key to improving your fitness and eating habits is to start gradually and set reasonable expectations. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make is they give their diet a complete overhaul versus making small gradual changes. My plantbased approach combined with good sleep, consistent exercise and healthy sustainable habits is designed to help your cells function better.

A healthier diet and increased physical activity can help stymie the progression of chronic illnesses as well as improve overall health at any age. Implementing healthy changes as an adult can also reduce your risk of developing these conditions in the first place.

Making healthy choices can help you at any stage of your life. While it may seem like a lot of effort to develop new habits, it’s worth it. Even small changes can improve your health. Lifestyle education, nutrition and behavioral modification are crucial to your wellness and longevity.

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Jenn Fieldhack is a Nutritionist and Whole Food Nut who wants to help others overcome the hurdles to eating healthy.

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