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Excuse #5 Don’t know what to buy

I actually love this excuse as there is nothing more fun (to me) than sharing all of the healthy options that are available to you! After we do the Kitchen Cleanse in Step #2, we tackle what to replace it with in Step #4 Healthy Food Swap. Then you take what you've learned in Step #3 Grocery Store Guidance and go to the store with confidence and healthy conviction. In my 8 Step Nutrition Program, we discuss how to read food labels, review the best areas of the store to target, how to prepare before leaving, and provide you with a list of healthy whole foods to find. So you can conquer that excuse like a boss when you head out to the grocery store and take ownership of your health.
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Excuse #4 Don’t Know How to Cook

This over the top sarcasm comes from someone (me) who didn't learn how to cook until they were an adult. Once I finally acquired cooking skills I was incredibly grateful and feel that way about it every day. I don't…

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Excuse #3 Don’t know where to start

Where do I begin? How do I get started? The first step can always be the hardest which is why I advocate for doing one thing at a time and keeping it simple. When you learn how to make simple…

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Excuse #2 Don’t have time to eat healthy.

When you say “I’m too busy to make healthy meals", you really mean “I don’t make my health a priority.” We make time for what’s important to us. If your schedule is so packed you can’t feed yourself, it’s time to rethink your obligations. If you truly value your health and understand that cooking healthy meals is an important step in the process then you will make time for it. Eating Healthy is the catalyst to many other challenges in your life. It all starts with having good health, and taking care of your body which starts with eating healthy. My 8 Step Program dives into these topics in Step 5 (Healthy Cooking) Step 6 (Food Prep) and Step 7 (Mindful Eating). If you're looking for help in these areas, you can find more details on my website: .
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