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Excuse #1 Healthy Eating is Expensive

Here are 6 simple tips to help you save time and money with food.

Meal plan. Shop on a budget. Buy store brand items. Find fresh and frozen produce. Buy bulk bin bargains.

Meal planning allows you to invest in your own health since meals prepared at home are cheaper (and usually healthier) than eating out. You can be more productive with your time, shrink your food budget and reduce food waste. In addition to the time savings, meal prep has many health benefits. Studies show meal prep adds dietary variety and is a preventative tool against obesity. When it comes to food savings, make a list before you go shopping, buy what’s on sale, take advantage of BOGO’s and buy store brand products. They are usually the same ingredients without expensive marketing.

I’m painfully aware that every community in the country is home to families who face hunger and rural communities are especially hard hit by hunger. Meanwhile we have a significant problem with food waste both at home and on farms. These tips for saving time and money are directed at those who can and want to find ways to reduce their food budget while eating healthy.


Jenn Fieldhack is a Nutritionist and Whole Food Nut who wants to help others overcome the hurdles to eating healthy.

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